South African Raffle

A raffle game involving South African players is played at least four times during the year where a unique system generated raffle code is provided to players who buy a raffle ticket. There remains a predetermined number of tickets which gets selected as a winner during each draw. For example, the high value prize will have less winners and as for the low value prize there are several winners.
As the tickets are auto generated, so the players get random numbers displayed on tickets and a participant can invest maximum R10, 000.00 for one raffle. This ensures that here is probability for other players to win. To purchase the tickets, player can visit an authorised retailer.

The game provides great opportunity to become an overnight millionaire to all the participants. There is complete transparency in the results because as soon as the results are declared, the player can match their tickets at the retail outlets.

How To Play?

There can’t be any easier game than raffle. A player needs to purchase a ticket which costs just R20.00 (twenty Rands) to R50.00 (fifty Rands) and the player will get a ticket with auto generated 9-digit numeric code printed on it. This facility to buy tickets continues till 60 days and then on a predetermined date, the winning numbers are selected from a draw. The tickets will be available for each of the sixty days and a player can check the results on any retail outlet as soon as the winners are declared.

Odds Of Winning

The chances of winning are quite good as compared to other formats. As the draw happens at least 4 times during a year, the game offers many opportunities to win. The participants can be rest assured about the prizes as all the documentation of the raffle is governed and construed according to the government of South Africa. Further, the chances of winning can be more understood from the following table.

This is the common prize structure which is generally followed in all the draws. Of course, there always remain chance to implement any changes which are beneficial to players. For example, increasing the prize money, adding some valuable item to the list of prizes or anything else.

Types Of Prizes

As stated above also, the prizes can be either in the form of cash, in the form of tangible assets or any other form which is beneficial to players. They also change from time to time. The good thing is that if a person has more than one ticket and suppose that two tickets of the same person win the prize in different divisions, then the person will be awarded both the prizes of those divisions in which the winning ticket falls. The prize money in case of winning is also calculated as the percentage of sales, i.e. according to the total prize fund but at last, the winner is the one who benefits the most.

How Draw Happens?

The draw happens according to the date, time, frequency and method determined by the authority. An independent auditor is present at the time of draw so that there can’t be any discrepancy and everything is processed transparently. Then the winning ticket numbers are generated through RNG (Random Number Generator). The prizes of first division, i.e. millionaires are announced first and then the process continues for the next divisions until the last winner is declared.
As the winning numbers are written by independent auditor and also the whole process is recorded in video format. If anybody has any issues related to the draw and the procedure, his/her doubts can be easily cleared. There can be some rare case when the draw fails to take place on the fixed date and time, in those cases; the game takes place at the earliest and as per the procedure.

How All The Information Is Managed?

The South African players do not need to provide any written consent in advance related to sharing his/her name and picture in public. Just by buying the tickets, he/she authorizes that his/her information can be used internally and won’t be shared with anyone else. Although the first prize winners are given the complete right to remain anonymous, but they can participate in the promotional campaigns of this game. They won’t be paid for any of these participations; the prize money is the only amount they will get.

Can The Prize Money Be Transferred Or Exchanged?

Players often come up with questions related to transfer or exchange of prize money. For them, the answer is NO. Actually, the winning prize, whether it is money or any tangible asset, is the USP of raffle. So, changing it will mean disappointing millions of players who purchased the ticket just because of the winning prize. Moreover, complete transparency is practiced in distribution of the prize. The winner receives the winning prize only after complete verification, and the requirements of verification changes from time to time making the process robust.

Responsibilities Of Participants

The information about when and where to buy the tickets can be easily availed from anywhere but the important thing is that the participant should also understand his/her responsibilities. Some of them are listed below:
While purchasing the ticked, the participant should validate it by checking the date and time of issuance.
All tickets contain a clear barcode, serial number and the price of ticket, so the participant should validate these things at the time of purchase only, otherwise in case of any fraud, the participant will miss the opportunity to win.
As it is known that the raffle game happens four times during a year, so the participant should verify the prize money also as it may be different for each draw.

So, this is some of the important information which is neglected most of the time and afterwards participants suffer. Knowing it beforehand is vital!