South Africa Sportstake 13

Lotto South Africa and Sporstake 13

With lots of lotto games and new winners daily, South African players have the chance to be winners too. All one need to do is pick the correct numbers and become a guaranteed millionaire. Lotto is drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday.
South African players that are sports and football fans should play Sporstake 13. Simply predict the outcome of thirteen predetermined mach fixtures taken from many different professional soccer leagues from around the world. If one predict correctly, the player win millions of Rands.

How to Play Sportstake 13

Playing the Sporstake 13 is simple and interesting. There are three ways to play Sporstake 13 and South African players can choose any of the following:

Using the Bet Slip:
What a player needs to do is acquire a valid Fixture List for the Sporstake 13 game and predict a result for all of the 13 soccer matches. The players’ predictions should be marked in the tick box beside each fixture using either a pencil or black pen.
[1] – for a Home Win
[x] – for a Draw
[2] – for a Home Loss (Away Win)
If one makes a mistake, simply mark the ‘Cancel Box’.

Using the PROPICK

The PROPICK option is the second way to play Sporstake 13. PROPICK is the feature that lets the system automatically chooses fixture outcomes for the player by using a software configuration that takes into consideration the play history between teams in fixtures through random picks.

PROPICK is easy to play and all the player need to do is select the size that they want to play e.g. PROPICK sizes 4, 8 or 16 etcetera. Finally, the PROPICK selections are reflected on the betslip and from their National Lottery electronic wallet.
Alternatively, one can ask for their PROPICK directly from a certified retailer.

Using the website

South African players can also play the Sporstake 13 by using the National Lottery website. Carefully follow the registration or login instructions to load money into a secure and unique e-wallet.

Playing Cost

A board for the Sporstake 13 costs R2.00. The Multi-Play bet is calculated by multiplying the number of boards with R2.00.

Chances of Winning

The chances of winning the Sporstake 13 are as good as the selections made but even then, the chances are still higher than many other betting options.

South African players can win the Sporstake 13 if they correctly predict 13 out of 13, 12 out of 13, 11 out of 13 or 10 out of thirteen games. This makes winning the Sporstake easier for all South African players.

What can be won?

The data history of the Sporstake 13 shows that all previous winners have bagged millions of Rands. What each player takes home is dependent on the total prize pool and since a majority of the prize pool goes to the jackpot for the players that correctly predict 13 out of 13 games; the rest is shared out between the other winners.

Are there days to win the Sporstake 13?

The Sporstake 13 draws are closed once all of the 13 soccer games for that particular draw have ended – the winners will be selected thereafter. There is not a specific day of the week where one can win the Sporstake 13 and since the predetermined soccer games are drawn from all around the world, some may be postponed and in turn delay the closing and winner selection.

How to purchase a Fixture List

The biggest step to make to become a Sporstake 13 winner is to purchase a Fixture List that will then enable them player to predict an outcome of the 13 predetermined soccer games. There are two main ways that players can purchase a Fixture List and those are;

A certified National Lottery Retailer

When purchasing a Fixture List from a retailer, ensure that it is a genuine one by checking if they are an official National Lottery retailer. There’s nothing worse than getting scammed for ones hard earned money.

The National Lottery Website

Buying a Fixture List from the National Lottery website ensures that players do not get conned and payment is simple and secure from the players’ e-wallet. One can easily view their Fixture List from the website as well.

Winning in Sportstake 13

Once the South African players that participated in the Sporstake 13 are chosen as winners, winnings are then transferred to the players’ secure, simple and easy to use National Lottery e-wallet account.

History of Lotto and the Sporstake 13 game

The South African Lotto was started in 2000 and sold its first tickets in Langa Cape Town – which were bought by Thabo Mbeki the former South African President – that same year. Shortly after the South African Lotto was rolled out by the government, its fist millionaire, who won an impressive R13, 831,850; was made.

Since then, the South African Lotto only got more and more popular and with higher and higher jackpot prizes – the largest prize being R34, 256, 346 won by an anonymous winner in 2006.

On the 1st of June, 2015 ITHUBA Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF) became the official operator of the South African National Lottery.
The Sporstake 13 game is a game that requires players to fill out a Fixture List predicting their outcome of 13 predetermined soccer matches from all around the world. Sporstake 13 was a feature of the previous operator and with ITHUBA the game was made better.
ITHUBA introduced new upgrades to the game that included new rules that made the chances of winning greater by awarding not only the players that get 13 out of 13 fixtures correct, but those that got 12 out of 13, 11 out of 13 and 10 out 13 fixtures as well.
In addition to this, ITHUBA also introduced PROPICK which is a quick play option based on Multi-Play bets where an intelligent system will automatically choose match results for the player by comparing previous match statistics.