Rapido South Africa

ITHUBA is the handler of the National Lottery in South Africa and they have made their best efforts to offer high-quality entertaining games with open chances for everyone who wants to play. In the tradition of opening the best odds to players, it’s time to know the latest craze in daily lottery games. Rapido offers players the chance to win 750.000 Rand with one single bet every 5 minutes. The player just needs to place a little faith in the numbers and some luck to get the prize. Results are guaranteed and no matter what the player bets, there’s always a chance to win something back; even if it is to play again!

South Africa’s Rapido has non-cumulative prizes. It’s a fast-tracked opportunity where the combinations of numbers play a defining role in the earnings of the players. The top bet is of 25 Rands and the lowest one is 3 Rands. It begins with choosing 8 numbers in the main play field and one special number in the additional field of a Rapido bet slip to determine the player’s odds. Lady luck can guide the players through the whole journey by picking random numbers, or players can choose the numbers based on their gut feeling.

How to Play Rapido?

It’s not hard to earn some money real quick with this great game. Players just have to go to the closest retailer and get a bet slip. Next, all they should do is pick 8 numbers out of the 21 options offered in section A of the slip and one special number out of 4 options in the section B. Players also have the chance to play the quick pick choice. And leave the random workings of RNG to do them a favour. Next pick has to do with how much money the player is going to spend. It ranks from 3 Rand to 25. Last but not least is the number of draws the player chooses. This of course means the amount of 5 minutes consecutive chances. Those same numbers will play in a row of games. Players can trust in their numbers up to 10 times by paying 250 Rand over 50 minutes of Rapido draws.

Chances of Winning Playing Rapido

It’s all in the math for the players of Rapido in South Africa. Your choices open with 8 numbers from a line-up of 21 choices in section A and 1 choice of number out of 4 in section B. There is a 1 to 9 million odds of hitting the jackpot. And those are significantly better numbers than regular lotto odds (with the only downside of modest earnings). There is also the numbers of draws the player choose to take part of. The player’s bet slip has 1 in 10 chances of striking it big depending on the bet that is made. There are 225 opportunities in the day to win some money and there is a fixed rate prize for players who don’t hit a single number on their bet slips depending on how much they bet.

How Much Money Can Be Won?

The kind of money players win in South Africa’s Rapido gets exponentially higher as they bet more money. The eight plus-one choice numbers can yield results with a single 3 Rand bet. A single bet could land a player a total of 90.000 Rand prize in a single play (if all numbers are accounted for); but as the stakes get high, so does the prize. Players can check this table to see what they get paid depending on results:

Rapido Prize Table
Match Prize for


Prize for


Prize for


Prize for


Prize for R20 Prize for R25
8+1 90,000 150,000 300,000 450,000 600,000 750,000
8+0 7,500 12,500 25,000 37,000 50,000 62,500
7+1 450 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 3,750
7+0 150 250 500 750 1,000 1,250
6+1 45 75 150 225 300 375
6+0 21 35 70 105 140 175
5+1 12 20 40 60 80 100
5+0 6 10 20 30 40 50
4+1 6 10 20 30 40 50
1+1 12 20 40 60 80 100
0+0 21 35 70 105 140 175


What Are the Days to Play Rapido?

Rapido can be played every single day of the week between 5:00am and 11:45pm. There is a chance to play every 5 minutes, making it a 225 draws a day or 225 chances to win some money. Every draw closes 30 seconds before starting and there are no tickets cancellations. The only day there are no draws is Christmas day.

How Can Bet-slips be Purchased>?</h4
South Africa’s Rapido players just have to go the closest lottery retailer on the provinces of Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Once there, they have to follow these simple steps:
Picking the ITHUBA National Lottery Rapido Bet Slip
Every player should make sure to place their bet in an authorized outlet.

Picking the numbers
Every Rapido player has to select 8 numbers out of 21 in section A of the bet slip and one special number out of Section B. Terminal machines will not take crooked bets. So players have to make sure to pick the right amount of numbers

All Rapido players should validate their bet slips in an official terminal by the retailer. Once the bet is validated, the player should pay the amount of money owed to the bet. Minimum bet is 3 Rand, whereas maximum is 250.

South Africa Rapido: How Did it Start?

The Rapido lottery game is a variation of Keno. A long standing traditional Chinese game that originated during the Han Dynasty over 3000 years ago. It was originally played with 120 Chinese characters that made the odds of winning nearly impossible, by drowning them into infinite combination of possibilities, but rewarding the winner with big prizes if the odds were beaten. The game evolved to the use of 80 characters in China. The Western and Europeans versions of the game got rid of the Chinese characters, and replaced them with numbers. This was thought to apply combinations of lesser or highest odds.

The amount of numbers used in a single draw can increase the difficulty of winning. Odds can be reduced by making the draw rules hit lesser sets of numbers in different sections of the same bet slip. The South Africa Rapido lottery game has been set since early 2015, paying daily prizes in every 5 minutes to the players, with even odds and a reduced line-up of numbers to place bets on. Rapido is a safe bet and a quick one for those trying their luck in a short time.