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Powerball is a common form of lottery played in South Africa. This lottery has helped many people overcome financial difficulties and experience a comfortable life. In playing Powerball, many have this assumption that the game is difficult to play. Hence, most of the time, players just try to depend on chance to win or luck – which is not supposed to be the case.

Tips for Playing Powerball

When one decides to play the lottery, they may have heard of several tips that can help them win. Others may find ways to debunk it but there are also those who would like to give it a try and see if the odds are in their favour. Below are some of the tips that players might find useful when playing.

Number Tips:

When it comes to selecting numbers in Powerball, some highly recommend that they do the odd-even strategies. This means that they get to choose a mix of odd and even numbers. This is because it is rarely for all odd or even numbers to be drawn. To be precise, it only happens 4% of the time. The best mix of numbers would be to choose from three even numbers and two odd numbers of vice versa. This kind of pattern in numbers has 70% chance of being drawn.

High Number Tips:

If it is not too subtle, players will see that most of the winning numbers are often spread out the whole number field or, if they are playing Powerball, across 45 numbers. If they are playing a number game of 45, they would see that those numbers that are in lower half would be numbers ranging from 1 to 22 and the numbers in the higher half would be 23 to 45. All the high or low numbers are not frequently drawn out. So the advisable thing to do would be to have a mix of the odd even patterns—which means that they have to choose three high numbers and 2 low numbers or vice versa.

Group Strategies:

If they are religiously waiting for the lucky winners in Powerball games, they will notice that more often than not, there are about one or more number groups that are not drawn. This is why it is important to observe the number groups in order to help players decide what number group will be eliminated when choosing numbers.
Skipped Strategy:

Follow the numbers that were drawn out every game for the winning numbers. Observe the last five games and figure out how many times the skip took place. If A player notices that 6 to 10 of the numbers do not occur, then such player can choose the numbers that weren’t included for those five games.

Though the game of lottery is purely by chance and there is always no guarantee that the strategies will work each time they play, they might still want to consider it because aside from luck, there is also a chance that their strategy did work out.

Things to Do for Winners to Enjoy Their Winnings

Now that the strategy played out well and the player has won his jackpot, it is important to spend the winnings wisely. This is not about spending everything that they have always wanted or dreamt of. South Africans are known to be compassionate of other people. But they are also known for their wit and intelligence.

When South Africans win the Powerball lottery, the one thing they have to do is pay all of their previous debts—loans, credit cards, mortgages, and everything that they owe. They have to determine the kind of life that they want to live. Whether they want to live lavishly or humbly is up to them.

Sharing is caring, as the famous saying goes. This is why it is important to donate to others. It can be to their loved ones, family, friends, or even charities. One lotto winner of PowerBall jackpot has invested in a business and is now helping people by giving them job opportunities and many others. It is important that the way the money is supposed to be given and to what organization is also important so as not to be too overwhelming on the winner.

Like what most lottery winners do, they establish their own business so that they have a continuous flow of income. Businesses can be their passion or it can be in an industry where money is easy. They get a financial advisor, they ask for advice, and they invest in what they think is feasible and income generating.

Lastly, remain anonymous. Good thing in Ithuba, the winners are at ease because of the fact that their identity is protected and considered confidential. They remain anonymous so as to avoid press calls or even non-stop door knocks. It is also for the safety of the winners since lottery means money and money can cause too much harm if not properly dealt with. This is why it is a must to know the kind of people that the winners are dealing with because their lives and their newly earned money can be put at risk.

Powerball can be the kind of lottery where chances of winning are higher compared to other forms of lottery. After the first ever ticket that was purchased in the year 2000, lottery has started to evolve in South Africa—a ticket purchased by the former South African President; Thabo Mbeki in a small town of Langa located in Cape Town. Many licensed national lotteries have come up with various ways to make lottery even more fun and entertaining and one of these innovations is the PowerBall. PowerBall has helped so many people to rise up from rags to riches. It even helped people to aspire a good life. After the first jackpot winning, which was R12, 831,850 people have come to take their chances of being one of the lucky ones to take home the jackpot. Up until now, the largest jackpot winner in South African Lotto was won in the year 2006 which amounted to R34, 256,346. And of course, as what is expected from these lotteries, the identity of this winner has remained anonymous until now.

PowerBall has a great potential in helping people to achieve their dreams. From giving donations to different charities and from allowing numerous number of winners in every game, Ithuba can help shape the lives of South Africans in more ways than the world can ever imagine.