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It’s all about the gamble of chances, they say. If one has the courage to play and go against the stakes, he will likely win. But there are those who strongly believe that lottery is a complete waste of time and money. The odds of winning are too low, which rather makes it unappealing. The good thing is that there are those who believe in what a simple ticket could make. This is because, even if there are people who are cynics when it comes to lottery, there are still those who gamble for a chance to win. This could be the best time to talk about the advantages of playing lottery and why it has become a hit in South Africa.


The odds are too low or the chances of winning are too weak, that’s what one will most likely hear from just about anybody. However, there is one thing that they may have forgotten—people do win. In January 2016, there was a lucky PowerBall Plus player who managed to take home R23.2 million. But there are about 1.6 million winners who manage to take home big amounts of money just because of lottery. This can be equated to the experience of being on top of the mountain at the peak of the storm with full knowledge of getting stricken. People often strategise their game by regularly playing the lottery and observing the odds and statistics of the numbers in the draw. By playing most of the time, one person will be lucky enough to win and be one of the 1.6 million winners not just in PowerBall but also in other types of lottery.

Cheap Investment with Minimum Risks

Millions of people are leaning more towards investing in stock market, insurance, mutual funds, and many others. They pay in monthly with the hope of reaping its benefits ten years from now. Such kinds of investment have risks that people are more likely to encounter but they feel like they have no choice. Take, for instance, the case of stock markets. Stock markets can be really expensive and if one earns money in such, the money earned will only be for a limited amount for such a long time interval. But with lottery, one ticket only costs so little and can eventually bloom into hundreds of millions. What are the risks incurred? None! Can this be considered expensive? No.
Now, if this is a PowerBall Plus, one even has more chances of winning rather than buying one lottery ticket. Besides, it is not that bad to dream of becoming a millionaire every once in a while.

Happy Ending

Most of the winners don’t just spend their money for nothing, contrary to popular belief. Winners donate some of their winnings to charities, hospitals, churches, and to the victims of human trafficking or any other non-governmental agencies that are in dire need of assistance. One good example would be the South African Rio Olympics team who are the blessed beneficiaries of Ithuba when it contributed to the expenses incurred by the team.

PowerBall Plus

PowerBall Plus is a kind of lottery that is prominent in South Africa. It can be played in Ithuba, the third awarded national lottery license, and it is easier than what is usually assumed of. In playing this lottery, the player can start by choosing either the Quick Pick option, where six numbers are chosen for the player randomly by the processing system of lottery, or by manually choosing the numbers by the player. In choosing manually, the player can start by getting a valid PowerBall Betslip and, from there, the player gets a pen and chooses five numbers ranging from 1 to 45 and another additional number ranging from 1 to 20. Bring the slip to any of the accredited lottery store and pay the slip. The teller will hand the player the receipt that contains the five chosen numbers. The player then must write his name at the back. To know who the lucky winner is, the player must tune in to the local channel Etv every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 pm.

Easy, isn’t it? The good thing about PowerBall Plus is, the player has the liberty to play and get as many slips as he wants. There is even a multi-draw option for those who are eager to play multiple draws with the same five chosen numbers. This is what it means when one says that there are higher chances of winning in this kind of game. The more slips are paid, the higher the chances that the numbers are drawn. For a price of R7.50, the player can have a chance to be one of the lucky millionaires of lottery.

History of South African Lottery

The first ever lottery ticket was sold in 2000 in South Africa. After that, the number of people winning lottery has increased; thus, lottery has paved its way to the hearts of South Africans. The first person that bought the lottery ticket is the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki in Cape Town. That purchase was the start of the growing number of millionaires in the country. And up until now, many people are trying their luck to be one of the several millionaires in South Africa.

Ithuba is one of the establishments that help the dreams of South Africans come true. By providing different lottery games, not only are the South Africans enjoying the entertainment that the games provide. They also have a chance to change the course of their lives. Lastly, by providing this kind of scheme, people from South Africa learned to hope and believe that there is a chance for everyone out there who is lucky enough to try it out.