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28 August 2018
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OZ Lotto Game has produced huge winnings, with the largest coming in December 2013 – $100,000,000 was won. Becoming part of the huge winners and start playing now!

How to Play OZ Lotto

The Oz Lotto Game is easy to play like many other lotto games around. For a single game of Oz Lotto, what a player needs to do is pick 7 numbers from 1 to 45. For example, the player will pick any random number such as 6, 9,7,42,5,33 and 28.

When is the draw?

The draw for the Oz Lotto Game happens on Tuesday. In the Oz Lotto Game draw, what happens is that 9 balls are drawn randomly from the 45 balls which are numbered 1 to 45. So, if the numbers above are the ones which have been selected randomly, then it means the player with these numbers will be the winner.

What happens next is that the first 7 balls which are drawn randomly will be the winning numbers and also, there are supplementary numbers. What this means is that these numbers are used in determining what prizes fall in various divisions such as 2, 4 and 7.
The Oz Lotto’s draw happens at 19h30 AEST and in South Africa, this is 11h30. On the other hand, the live draws take place in Toowong, Australia at 20h30 and 12h30 South African time.

How to Win

There are several divisions in the Oz Lotto Game and these are divided into 7. To win, each player needs to match a certain number in each division. For Division 1, players need to match the 7 numbers which have been chosen and for Division 7, players need to match at 3 three of the winning numbers, together with at least 1 of the supplementary numbers.

Divisions Matches to Win
Division 1 All 7 main winning numbers
Division 2 Any 6 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers
Division 3 Any 6 main winning numbers
Division 4 Any 5 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers
Division 5 Any 5 main winning numbers
Division 6 Any 4 main winning numbers
Division 7 Any 3 main winning numbers 1 or 2 supplementary numbers

When can one bet?

The betting time for the OZ Lotto Game is determined by the different time zones. For players in Australia, the cut-off time to play the OZ Lotto Game is 19h00 AEST which is done every Monday. For players in South Africa, this is around 11h00.

When do draws take place?

The draws for the OZ Lotto Game is done every Monday in Victoria, Australia and happens at 20h30 AEST and in South Africa, viewers of the live draw can tune in from 12h30.

Where can one play?

To play the OZ Lotto Game, players can do this by logging onto the websites where it is available. Playing has also been simplified for first time players who are not familiar with how it works. On the website, there are various tools which make the playing experience easy and enjoyable. They are:


The Win-o-Meter has been created to help players when playing the OZ Lotto Game. This tool enables players to calculate their chances of winning any of the prizes. Also, with this tool, players can choose multiple combination of the numbers available to improve chances of winning a prize.

The meter allows you to see the calculated chance you have of winning one of the tiered prizes. Additional bets and numbers as well as weeks and weekday draw selections will all increase your chance of winning a prize.

QuickPick All

As the name implies, the QuickPick All tool has been created to help players to randomly generate figures for an entire row when placing their bets. What can be done is that players can also easily generate new numbers when the QuickPick All button on the website is clicked multiple times. It is important for player’s to realise that what this tool can’t do is adding bonus balls to players bets.

Max All

The Max All option helps players in their selection process. With this tool, players can select an entire row of their bets and can boost it. Also, it has all the available draw dates and there are bonus balls for each bets players place. Furthermore, players can choose their numbers all over again by clicking the Max All button multiple times on the website. Also, the Max All option generates a full set of tickets, including SuperStars and maximum Boost!

Jackpot Amount

Playing lotto, especially the OZ Lotto Game is all about winning the Jackpot after players have placed their bets to successfully await the outcome. The Jackpot Amount can be seen by players when the panel is looked at. What this panel does is show players the Jackpot amount that could potentially be won. The Boost and Superstar options allow you to increase your personal jackpot size.
What types of Odds are available?
There are several kinds of odds available when placing bets. However, for the OZ Lotto Game, the kind of odd is the Fixed Odds.
Fixed Odds is the most common form of betting and this type of betting means that players will place bets on the number of correctly selected numbers and then the winnings will be collected on those odds.

Sample Odds of The OZ Lotto Game

Lotto results Prize per winning bet Odds in 1
Match 7 and 2 Bonus R 181,000,000.00 31,901,872,860
Match 7 and 1 Bonus Ball R10,000,000.00 443,081,568
Match 7 R 1,250,000.00 50,637,893
Match 6 R 500,000.00 170,600
Match 5 R 3,000.00 3,074
Match 4 R 175.00 154
Match 3 R 25.00 18

The OZ Lotto Game – How did it all start?

The OZ Lotto Game was launched in Australia in 1994 and was sort of a response to the earlier launched Lotto Games such as The Oz Monday Game which was launched in Australia and was only for a particular part of Australia. In response to this, a Lotto Game was needed to cover the entire part of Australia – the Oz Lotto Game was born, churning out millionaires since 1994, and has unrivalled popularity in Australia.