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Lotto Plus 2 is an upgrade of the original Lotto. With more options and greater flexibility, the chances of winning are significantly higher than that of Lotto. Simply choose 6 out of 52 numbers that are then entered into a draw and have a chance of winning twice a week.

How to Play Lotto Plus 2?

Playing the Lotto Plus 2 is easy and there are two ways that one can play;

Quick Pick
The Quick Pick option allows one to play Lotto Plus 2 as fast as possible. This is done by the Lottery’s system which chooses 6 lucky numbers for the player at random.

If the player prefers to choose their own lucky numbers, they can do this in six simple steps;

· Purchase a LOTTO Betslip from a selected LOTTO retailer.
· Making use of a pencil or a black pen, choose six numbers out of the 52 on the Betslip.
· To make the payment, deliver the Betslip to a certified National Lottery retailer.
· The teller at the certified retailer will then give the player a receipt with their six chosen numbers on it.
· Once the player receive the receipt, marking of the name of the respective owner should be done; preferably on the back.
· To see if one has won, tune in to SABC 2, on Wednesday or Saturday at 20h56.

Cost of Play

A single Lotto Plus 2 ticket is R2.50 (VAT included) one can choose the Multi-Draw option which allows the player to play many different draws with the same batch of numbers. Ticket sales close at 20h30.

Chances of winning

The chances of winning the Lotto Plus 2 prize are quite high. When choosing 6 out of 52 numbers, there are 20,358,520 different and unique combinations that one can play. The order of matching numbers does not matter in relation to how they are selected.
According to official data, the highest odds of winning (in 1) are 3 numbers to 71.7.

What can be won?

Judging by the data of the history of LOTTO in South Africa, previous Jackpot winners have won millions of Rands and, as a matter of fact, the highest ever Jackpot winner won R34, 256, 346. So, Jackpot winners are guaranteed to win million.
That’s not all – even if a player isn’t the jackpot winner, they are still a winner in their own right. If the player manages to get just two of the main numbers, there is a fixed R20 prize; so it’s not a total loss.

Are there days to win the LOTTO Jackpot?

Lotto Plus 2 Jackpot draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday on South Africa’s National Broadcaster (SABC 2) at 20h56. This means that the lives of many South African players can be changed within minutes on these two days.

How can tickets be purchased?

South African players cannot win the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot without having actual tickets. Purchasing tickets can be done in two ways;
A Selected National Lottery Retailer
South African players can purchase Lotto Plus 2 tickets from selected National Lottery Retailers that are all around the country.

The National Lottery Website

The National Lottery website offers a secure, easy and hassle free way for players to but Lotto Plus 2 tickets.
Once one has purchased a ticket, one will then be able to choose the six numbers that one best believes will be the Lotto Jackpot winning numbers.

A confirmation message of the players purchase will be sent to one, the purchaser. This is done for the obvious reason to ensure that the rightful person that wins can come forward and claim their winnings from the Lotto.

All winners who participate in the Lotto Plus 2 draw will get their winnings and prizes credited to their accounts. Once the player’s money is in their account, there are a number of ways in which one can claim it depending on the amount;
Prizes up to R2, 000 can be claimed at any of the selected National Lottery retailers.
Prizes between R2, 000 and R50, 000 need to be claimed at the winner’s post office.
Prizes above R50, 000 will have to be claimed at a regional office of ITHUBA – the official operator of the South African National Lottery.

How did the Lotto Plus 2 start?

The South African Lotto was started in 2000 and sold its first tickets ever in Langa Cape Town – which were then bought by the former South African President Thabo Mbeki– that same year. Shortly after the South African Lotto was rolled out by the government, its first millionaire, who won an impressive R13, 831,850 was made.

Since then, the South African Lotto only got more popular and with higher and higher jackpot prizes – the largest prize ever being R34, 256, 346 won by an anonymous winner in 2006.

The Lotto Plus 2 game is an upgrade of the original Lotto game that was created by the South African Lotto. Following the changing of official operators of the South African National Lottery from the South African government to ITHUBA Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF) on June 1st 2015, IBUTHA vowed to “re-invigorate the National Lottery through optimising the consumer experience, restoring faith and trust in the National Lottery as well as showcasing its positive social contribution to society” – the Lotto Plus 2 is one of the many products of this declaration.

Lotto Plus 2 draws are held bi-weekly on Wednesday and Saturday on SABC 2 at 8:56pm. Ticket sales for the draws are closed at 8:30 pm daily – even on the days of the draw.