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South Africa’s Lotto is a game of chance where players purchase a ticket with 6 numbers (or simply 6 different numbers) and then get a prize when their numbers are matched with the winning number during a draw.  One must pay R5.00 per board to enter a draw.
For one to be eligible for lotto plus 1, he or she must pay an extra R2.50 per board to enter a draw. While the odds for lotto plus one are the same as those for lotto, the prize awarded is slightly less than that for the former.

Benefits of Playing Lotto

Although a lotto win depends entirely on chance and win, it can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Even players who match three numbers correctly walk home with a prize payout which makes almost everyone who plays lotto a winner.

Lotto plus was introduced in 2000 and has undergone several changes, the most recent being that of the jackpot of the lotto plus 1 being rolled over until it gets a winner instead of being rolled down. Also, players in the lotto plus game who match three numbers win a standard prize of 20 Rands, while matching two numbers and a bonus ball guarantees one a win of 15 Rands.
Lotto has had many lucky winners go home with millions of Rands. But the luckiest of them all was a South African lotto player who won twice. With only R5, one gets the chance to walk away with as much as R5, 000,000 or more. The more tickets a person buys, and the more the combinations, the higher their chances of winning lotto or lotto plus 1 game.

Lotto plus Draw

The lotto plus draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, just the same as the lotto draw but at different times on SABC2. The draws are done using a star machine and are regulated by the South African National Lottery regulator, Ithuba.

How to Play Lotto and Lotto Plus 1

The rules for playing Lotto South Africa requires one to choose a combination of 6 numbers from the number range of 1 to 49. Players must also buy more than one ticket to be eligible for a draw. One can either select the numbers manually (and physically) or let the computer generate the numbers. The computer-generated numbers options is known as Quick Pick and are offered at different prices based on number combinations. A classic lotto combination costs R5 while to play lotto plus 1 game one must pay an extra R2.50 for every ticket.
During the lotto and lotto plus draw, the winning numbers are displayed and players compare these with their own numbers. Recent changes made on the lotto South Africa game have introduced three additional numbers to the pool of numbers drawn; 50, 51 and 52. These additional numbers increase the chances of one winning especially if they’re able to match at least five numbers. There is also a bonus ball that is drawn.

Mathematicians have calculated the odds of winning a lotto South Africa game to be one in about 14,000,000. This means ones win is totally left to chance and there is no accurate strategy that they can devise to ensure a win. Although a player cannot strategize a formula for winning, it’s advised that they try a mixture of even and odd numbers with every ticket. There is a sub-minimal possibility of a lotto raw or lotto plus draw being all even or all odd.

History of Lotto South Africa

Lotto is a game that is played worldwide. In South Africa, this game is operated by Ithuba, who got the National Lottery license in 2015. The National lottery commission, which was established in 2000, regulates the lottery game.

The age limit for playing lotto South Africa is 18 years and one can only participate when in the country and with an ID. Today lotto is one of the most popular gambling games in South Africa with an average of 5 million transactions in a week and gross sales amounting to 4.7 Rands (2012).
Another rule for playing lotto or lotto plus 1 game is that the tickets must be bought in person at approved retailers or in banks in South Africa. There is also online ticket purchase but these are only available to those with a Nedbank or FNB account and have registered on the lottery website.

Play Lotto South Africa Online

South Africans are increasingly finding it easy to buy lotto tickets and play online as opposed to buying from lottery retailers or through SMS. To be able to play on the Ithuba website, a person must first register. Registration takes only a short time and is done by sending one’s name and ID number to lotto through a USSD string or SMS.
Once a person’s account on the lotto South Africa (Ithuba) website is complete, the system will create a virtual wallet for them. This will bank the funds that the individual injects into their account together with the winnings. One must also create a unique password for their account.
Transactions on the Ithuba website are charged based on standard calculations. Every deposit or withdrawal one makes will thus be charged a certain amount of money.

Lotto Plus 1 Conclusion

According to the Ithuba website, there have been at least 352 millionaires made by Lotto. The lotto plus 1 game has also been won several times and gives people hopes of being the next millionaire. Players who feel that one more chance is not enough can buy even more chances by participating in the lotto plus 2 games. Unfortunately, these are all the chances lotto will give a player, but one can increase their chance of winning by buying number combinations.