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Euro Jackpot is the biggest European Lottery, spanning 17 countries in continental Europe – Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. It has paid out millions of Euros since its inception; with the largest being €90m.

How to Play

Like every other lotto, a certain amount of numbers have to be matched. For the Euro Jackpot, players must match all 5 main numbers along with 2 Euro numbers. Once players have registered on the relevant website and deposited money on the website, then, 5 numbers out of a possible 50 will be selected and also two bonus numbers totalling 7 numbers. Also, the bonus numbers will be between 1 and 10.

How to Win

In order to win, players have to ensure that all the numbers are matched and in the event that this has not been done, there will be a roll over the next week which increases the amount to be won until a player has successfully matched all 7 numbers. This process is done repeatedly until it is done 13 times or the jackpot has reached a cap of €90m.

When do draws take place?

The draw for Euro Jackpot takes place in Finland and the winning tickets of the players will then be validated in Germany and Denmark. The bets also take place every Friday at 21h00 (GMT+2) and the bets have to be in at 20h00 (GMT+2).

Where can one play?

To play Euro Jackpot, players can do this by logging onto the websites where it is available. Playing has also been simplified for first time players who are not familiar with how it works. On the website, there are various tools which make the playing experience easy and enjoyable. They are:


The Win-o-Meter has been created to help players when playing Euro Jackpot. This tool enables players to calculate their chances of winning any of the prizes. Also, with this tool, players can choose multiple combination of the numbers available to improve chances of winning a prize. The meter allows you to see the calculated chance you have of winning one of the tiered prizes. Additional bets and numbers as well as weeks and weekday draw selections will all increase your chance of winning a prize.

QuickPick All

As the name implies, the QuickPick All tool has been created to help players to randomly generate figures for an entire row when placing their bets. What can be done is that players can also easily generate new numbers when the QuickPick All button on the website is clicked multiple times. It is important for player’s to realise that what this tool can’t do is adding bonus balls to players bets.

Max All

The Max All option helps players in their selection process. With this tool, players can select an entire row of their bets and can boost it. Also, it has all the available draw dates and there are bonus balls for each bets players place. Furthermore, players can choose their numbers all over again by clicking the Max All button multiple times on the website. Also, the Max All option generates a full set of tickets, including SuperStars and maximum Boost!

Jackpot Amount

Playing lotto, especially Euro Jackpot is all about winning the Jackpot after players have placed their bets to successfully await the outcome. The Jackpot Amount can be seen by players when the panel is looked at. What this panel does is show players the Jackpot amount that could potentially be won. The Boost and Superstar options allow you to increase your personal jackpot size.

What types of Odds are available?

There are several kinds of odds available when placing bets. However, for Euro Jackpot , the kind of odd is the Fixed Odds.
Fixed Odds is the most common form of betting and this type of betting means that players will place bets on the number of correctly selected numbers and then the winnings will be collected on those odds.

Sample Odds of the Euro Jackpot


Lotto results Prize per winning bet Odds in 1
Match 5 and 2 Stars 180,000,000.00 95344200.00
Match 5 and Star 1,500,000.00 5959013.00
Match 5 400,000.00 3405150.00
Match 4 and 2 Stars 90,000.00 423752.00
Match 4 and Star 7,000.00 26485.00
Match 4 3,500.00 15134.00
Match 3 and 2 Stars 2000.00 9631.00
Match 3 and Star

275.00 672.00
Match 3 250.00 602.00
Match 2 and 2 Stars 175.00 344.00
Match 2 and Star 75.00
Match 1 and 2 Stars 30.00 42.00

The chart above shows that for players to win big when playing the Euro Jackpot, it is important that the balls matched are accurate; as the more accurate the balls are matched, the higher the chances of winning – especially when done with the bonus balls.
The lowest win rate shows that the least amount of balls were matched correctly as the reverse is the case when players can’t match the balls accurately or have the least number of balls matched.

Euro Jackpot – How did it all start?

Euro Jackpot is the biggest and most popular lottery in Europe and cuts across several European countries. Being a Euro-centric lottery, it gradually increased its expansion to other countries in Europe since it did not originally start with 17 countries in March 2012 when the first ticket was sold.

With its popularity, other countries began to join around 2014 such as Czech Republic and Hungary. Slovakia joined in October 2015 and it has been announced that the next country to join in 2017 will be Poland which will increase the number of countries to 18.
Join now and be part of the millions of European millionaires created every week!