This is indeed a wonderful time for lotto players in South Africa. EAZI Win is an instant play, instant win game. So, it is possible to win every day. There is no need to wait for any draw. EAZI Win is an interesting combination of locally designed games with South African Heritage as well as internationally inspired game features. This game offers players a chance to win every day as the games run daily and winnings are instant.

How to Play?

Players in South Africa already know that playing lotto is very easy. The first step to enter for EAZI Win lotto is to get the playcard. The play card is like a digital scratch card but unlike the traditional scratch cards, it doesn’t need to be scratched.
All that one needs to do to play EAZI Win is to buy a play card for as low as R3 or R5, and select any from up to 8 games e.g. Morabaraba, Siya Wina, Golden Vault, Balloon Bonanza, Calabash Cash, Fafi Fortune, Tic Tac Toe and Poppa Feela.
One can play as many times up to 1000 tickets on as many games as they like, with a wide variety of games to choose from. However, people aged minimum 18 years are eligible to play and tickets must be bought in person. People with disabilities (above 18) are advised to go along with a helper who is also above 18.

Chances of Winning

When compared to other games and lotteries in South Africa, the chances of winning in EAZI Win lotto is much higher. The odds are roughly 4 to 1. What’s more? It’s instant play, instant win. The possible amount that can be won is not determined by any prize pool for a particular draw, as one can win up to R100, 000 with a single R5 play card.

The odds of winning are up to 55% for Morabaraba and 4 Siya Wina, 54% for Golden Vault, 53% for Balloon Bonanza and Calabash Cash, 52% for Tic Tac Toe while Fafi Fortune and Poppa Feela have 4%.

1. Morabaraba
To play Morabaraba, one has to match as many numbers as possible on the ticket with the lines on the playcard. 3 numbers next to each other matched horizontally, vertically or diagonally make a line matched. The higher the numbers matched, the higher the possible winnings. Matching all the lines wins the highest payout of R100, 000 while matching only 1 line pays R5.

2. 4 Siya Wina
This game contains a number matrix and the player wins by matching 4 numbers on the line. Numbers must be on a line of 4. Matching 12 numbers gets the highest win of R100, 000.

3. Golden Vault
To play Golden Vault, one should take their card to the retailer. After scanning the bar code, they will receive a ticket containing 36 numbers. The game is to match as many of the numbers on printed with those in the vaults of the playcard. Four vaults are printed on the card (red, blue, green and violet). Each vault is valid if 8 numbers on one’s playcard matches with those on the receipt. The maximum payout for matching all 36 numbers in the 4 vaults is R100, 000 and the amount of payout reduces with matching fewer numbers in each vault. For matching only 1 number in 1 vault the payout is R5.

4. Balloon Bonanza
Playing Balloon Bonanza is as simple as scanning the code on the playcard and matching the number on the balloons with the numbers on the printed receipt. One wins by matching 3 balloons of the same colour. The highest possible win is R100, 000 and achieved by matching 3 yellow balloons and a star. Matching only 3 yellow balloons is worth R50, 000. There are other colours of balloons, purple, green red and blue in order of their importance. Matching only 3 blue balloons wins R5 and R10 with a star.

5. Calabash Cash
Here, winning is as easy as matching 2 numbers on a row of either side of the prize indicated at the centre of the card. The player plays with R5 and can possibly win up to R100, 000.

6. Fafi Fortune
In it, there are 4 possible games on one card wherein numbers or symbols can be used for matching. The more games one matches, the more they stand to win. Matching all 4 games to the ticket wins the maximum payout while matching any one game earns R5.

7. Poppa Feela
Unlike the other games, playing Poppa Feela is as cheap as only 3R and the maximum possible payout is R30, 000. The playcard contains 2 numbers on both sides which have to match with the numbers of the dice printed on the ticket. The highest number shown on the dice and machine with the numbers on the card wins the highest payout.

8. Tic Tac Toe
Playing this game also costs R3. Like the traditional Tic Tac Toe, one wins by matching 3 numbers vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The more lines on most games they match, the bigger they win. The maximum win is R10, 000 by matching 7 or 8 lines in 3 games.

How to Claim Winnings?

The winner should take playcard to a registered EAZI Win retailer. After scanning the barcode on the playcard, they will get a printed ticket with random selected numbers. Once they have it, compare the numbers and symbols on the ticket with the ones on the play card. The prizes that would be won depend on how many symbols and numbers match.
The prize can be claimed with the printed receipt received from the EAZI Win retailer.

About EAZI Win

EAZI Win is part of the National Lottery operated by Ithuba. It was granted licence in 2015 and has been regulated by the National Lottery Commission established since 2000. The games in EAZI Win were originally 4, but 4 other games have been added over time; bringing it to a total of 8 games.