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Lottery South Africa

Residents of South Africa are privileged to have one of the most popular games in the world; lotto. This game is easy to play and mostly won by luck. To participate in this game of chance, players are requested to select a total of 6 numbers from the numbers 1 to 52.
Players can win several bonuses that are selected from a single pool during the lottery run set. One has to use an 8 line entry form to be part of the draw. Lottery players in South Africa who play through the online lottery portal can either manually select their numbers or let the computer do that for them automatically.

Is There A Criterion For Choosing The Lucky Numbers?

There is no set formula for the numbers that will win the draw. Players must have their unique criteria of knowing which lucky numbers are theirs. Players can take a quick pick, fixed numbers, or lucky numbers. In a quick pick, the system picks the numbers for a player.
The chances of winning a game of lotto are just like with every other game, 50-50. The only advantage that is given with this game is that the total number of tickets purchased can increase a person’s luck. A player who has bought 10 tickets, for example, has a higher chance of winning compared to a player who only bought 2 tickets.

How to Play Lotto South Africa

The lotto game in South Africa follows the same standard format that lotto games in other countries use. A player is asked to choose 6 numbers in the 1 to 52 number ranges and a bonus ball. The balls are then rolled and lucky numbers are chosen randomly. One wins when the rolled lucky numbers match the numbers they had picked.

This South African lottery game is played as a roll-over game. The size of the jackpot, therefore, increases with each game until the prize of the jackpots won.

South African lotto players can buy lottery tickets online and view the growth of the jackpot prize. The website also has up-to-date statistics and shows the successful rollovers. From the website, one can know everything that happens during the lotto games; from the number of winners and every day winners to the type of machine that is used for drawing balls.

How To But Lotto South Africa Tickets Online

A vast majority of lotto players in South Africa today use the online portal of the game to purchase their tickets. The process is relatively easy as detailed below:
1. Sign up for an online account with the help of the lottery ticket Concierge Service.
2. Select a payment option from the wide variety presented by the Concierge Service. These include Moneybookers, Neteller, Credit and Debit cards.
3. One must select a lottery game of their choice, choose their lucky numbers and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.
4. An agent of the lottery ticket Concierge Service buys for one the tickets on their behalf and then scans them into their account in the appropriate state.
5. During the draw on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the agent of the lottery ticket Concierge Service cross checks one’s ticket numbers with the winning numbers and then automatically claim a price for them. This reduces the chances of winnings not being claimed because of a lost ticket or failure of presenting the ticket during the claim period.
6. All ordinary winning are paid through the players account and one can either withdraw the money or use it to purchase other tickets.  For a large price, one must present themselves physically and with their ID the lotto offices or as directed by the Concierge Service agent.
7. Withdrawing one’s winnings and closing of one’s account can be done at any time.

When To Play Lotto

Residents of South Africa can play lotto every day although the main draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 19:30 GMT. On the days of the draw, players are not allowed to purchase lottery tickets about 3 hours before the draw starts. One can then watch the draw from their home TV or check the lucky numbers online on the lotto website.

Who Can Play Lotto South Africa?

Lotto South Africa is housed in South Africa. One needs to live in South Africa, be over 18 and have an ID to be eligible for participation. Although one can play lotto South Africa on any day, major participation in the game is during draw pulling on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Payouts for Lotto South Africa

Lotto is a game played globally, but with 87 percent or residents in South Africa participating, it can be awarded the position of the most popular game in South Africa. It is also one of the largest Lotto’s in the world and recorded its biggest jackpot win as R57 million in 2016. Lucky players today can win up to R750, 000 every 5 minutes in one game category.

Lotto South Africa has been divided into 7 different classes as per price. This encourages payers and makes one continue playing with the hope of winning in one of the 7 divisions. For one to win the top prize, they must get a match to at least 6 numbers correctly. The second prize is given to a player who matches five numbers and the bonus ball correctly and there are also prices for those who match three or more numbers correctly. All divisions except the jackpot also reward players for correctly matching the bonus ball.
There are multiple winners with every lotto game every day and on the jackpot draws. According to the Lotto South Africa website, there have been at least 352 people who have become millionaires since the game was launched in the country.


Lotto South Africa was started in 2000 and has massively contributed to the growth of the country. It funds several education outreach projects and has also given other social contribution.